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10 Best Self-Publishing Companies in India

When an author decides to publish his/her book independently and at one’s own expense is Self-publishing.

Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher.

It’s always difficult to publish your own book without having much experience. And there are companies who help authors to publish their work and sell across the world. Self-publishing companies provide authors with the cover, interior printing and distribution services.

These self-publishing companies also offer royalties to authors whenever their copies are sold, few companies offer 100% share of the profit while others offer 70-80% of the profits. They also help with the initial promotion of the books through means of digital marketing.

Here is the list of 10 best self-publishing companies in India who may help you publish your book –

1. Evincepub Publishing |

Evincepub Publishing is a leading among self publishing companies in India. It has emerged as most trusted book publisher in India. Distributing the books over 139+ countries, Evincepub provides authors complete freedom of copyright and gives 100% royalty. The fact that Evincepub stays by our writers’ sides even after the publishing process is through sets us apart from other publishing houses. Evincepu take every step possible to elevate our authors so that their works are given the attention they deserve.

2. Notion Press |

Notion Press has made Self-publishing a book significantly easier with our free publishing platform that not only helps authors publish a book in English, but also publish a book in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarathi & Kannada. Our hybrid publishing program Outpublish gives you all the freedom of self-publishing with a hands on expert driven approach that helps you publish a book of the highest quality and build a platform for it to get it noticed by millions worldwide. You can sit back and relax as our book experts publish your book one page at a time or use our free publishing platform to publish your book on your own. To put it concisely, Notion Press offers the best way to self publish books with the integration of quality services and innovation in technology. This makes Notion Press a natural choice for any author who wants to try out independent book publishing. Talk to our publishing experts, get your free publishing plan and Outpublish your competition right away.

3. Bluerose Publishers |

Located in the metropolitan heart of the country, Bluerose is an experienced and well organized publishing company, determined to provide the best of services for book publication.

Their experienced team members help you get a good handle on expectations, timelines, and budget besides taking care of all your publication needs like editing, design, distribution, and marketing to make sure you achieve the success you deserve.

4. LiteraturesLight Publishing |

Literatureslight Publishing provides affordable publishing packages to authors. Literatureslight offer services not only for self-publishing to authors but they also offer basic marketing services; which will help authors promote their book. Literatureslight provide self-publishing packages with maximum book publishing services. They provide 100% royalty to authors.

5. | is an online platform to Write, Publish & Sell Books. You can create and publish an unlimited number of books on without any charges. Additionally, affordable packages are offered for publishing books in various formats, including paperback. The platform provides author branding, video reviews, book design, promotion, and more through its digital publishing services. What sets apart from other self-publishing companies is its immediate access to a vast community of over a million readers.

6. Astitva Prakashan |

Astitva Prakashan provides author a platform that gives them the space to become famous and this spirit has helped us to win the heart of writers not just in India but across the world. They believe that a writer can become an author with the best help of a publishing house. That’s why they are here to provide all those supports to become a bestseller.

7. Blue Hill Indian Publishing House |

Their mission is make book publication opportunities available to everyone regardless of their socio-economic statuses is the only mission of Blue Hill Publications. Blue Hill Publications always strive to make a difference in the society with its initiatives in providing equal opportunities to everyone in the society.

8. 24by7 Publishers |

24by7 Publishing is the fastest growing among the list of publishers in India, publishing books of various genres like fiction, poetry, non-fiction etc. You will be surprised by our wide range of pocket-friendly packages.

24by7 Publishing is helping several budding authors to materialize their dream by publishing their book in a very short time period in a transparent model where no cost comes as surprise. Though our specialization is in self-publishing, we publish beyond it as well.

9. White Falcon Publishing |

White Falcon Publishing is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India. White Falcon built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Platform for publishing books – that means your books never go out of print! White Falcon assist authors in self-publishing their books for Global Distribution through our collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse print-on-demand providers and book distributors.


The Write Order |

The Write Order is India’s fastest growing publication house based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. The Write Order publish books in all genres from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, auto biographies, biographies, educational books, horror etc.

One can visit the publisher’s website for more details. This is a blog and the list is not ranking-based.

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