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Book Review An Unmatched Couple’s Misfit Relationship

Author: Biswajit Mishra
Genre: Fiction
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: B K Publications, 2019


All the time she hoped and dreamt of a better tomorrow in her life in a span of six years. Her experiences both good and bad; the man, the mind and the moral… where, repeatedly she failed, woke up and then moved on. Paayesha, solely grows with the time, experiences multiple affairs, extensively pulling out her inner persona to face the reality, and finally, she leads by conquering her insight while finding the literal tranquillity, and reflects a moral… “Accept what it comes and dare to face, not always that comes what we expect.” Even, she went deep through the life to realize, “the time, the reality and the present are the factual ingredients for the life, rest everything virtual, an unseen mirage…!” She realized four men in a span of five years. While in the search of the fifth man on her sixth year, what she expects, and finally accepts…? Is that a fortuitous Paayesha finally impounded felicitous? It would be a favourite stuff in a single gulp, for anyone, whoever had experienced a break-up at least once in a lifetime.

“An Unmatched Couple’s Misfit Relationship” is written by Biswajit Mishra and it is his debut book. It has an interesting cover which does a good job of arousing the reader’s interest. Also the title will easily get a reader’s interest piqued. When it comes to the quality of the pages and the binding, the book scores really well. The font size is a bit small but a decent line spacing ensures a comfortable reading experience. I also loved how the author has taken some touching quotes and showcased them at the end of each chapter.

I always dreamt in my mind,
to be loved and to love in kind…
I fell again repeating this crime,
as I do not want to fail this time…
Scared that someone would hurt again,
promise me his love, leaves me in pain…
Even then I dare you in my life,
to love you the whole of my life…

It’s a story which young generation can look up to. The story revolves around the protagonist Paayesha. In a short period of time she goes through relationships, marriage, alcohol abuse and affairs. The story begins with Paayesha pursing college and while in college she find herself in a relationship with Abhishek her first love interest, but soon Abhishek starts ignoring her because he can’t confess his love to his parents. This broke Paayesha’s heart and left grave scar in her mind. She realised her priorities and moved on from this heartache once she started her training and eventually getting a job. Her life takes a sudden turn when her marriage is arranged with Shishir, who her parents thought was suitable for her.

But the marriage didn’t work out well. Shishir wasn’t the guy she expected. Paayesha was depressed again. Then comes Rishav a good looking responsible man who filled her life with love and care, which she desperately needed from her husband. Everything was going great until she got promoted and had to move to different place, where she comes in another relationship with a guy named Kuldeep who too broke her heart. She had four break ups in a span of five years. Though her character was full of misery she got up and always choose to fight; she was hardworking and determined but it was man around her who always pulled her down, all she ever wanted was to be loved and cared by her partner. You need to give a read to know why Shishir failed as a husband? Why Kuldeep broke up with her? Rishav was in love with Paayesha but why didn’t he ever proposed to marry him?

The Writing

The language is simple and plain and that makes it much easier to enjoy the book. The writer has also been successful enough in bringing interesting twists and turns at regular intervals. The characters were an okay bunch, there were so many characters introduced but weren’t used at all. Though the book is a bit gloomy it nevertheless makes you believe in love, in hope and in moving forward.


PLOT: 4/5





I enjoyed the book, the narrative was realistic, many can relate to it. Book has a unique story in an equally unique setting; it maintains the pace until the final page. Get Your Copy Here: Amazon Paperback.

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