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Book Review: Balance Your Emotions And Be Your Own Coach

Author: Pratibha Tiwari
Genre: Personal Development & Self-Help
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, 2019

God helps the ones, who helps themselves; Never depend upon anyone else for your happiness!”

My review

The book FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND BE YOUR OWN COACH is an awesome read by PRATIBHA TIWARI. The book is based on self-improvement where author describes and deals with emotions, traces how it affects and provides optioning on how to improve and balance emotion by giving apt examples. The author basically focuses on dealing with emotions and how one could be matter of his/her own emotions by carefully balancing it.

Their book has surprised me, being a non-fiction such an interesting one. The book has detailed line-up of one’s emotion. How such a small word is so elaborated and described. There are various types of emotions pictures beautifully in book such as happiness, sadness, disgust, anxiety, guilt, fear, contempt, anger, surprise and joy. Each emotion is seriously dealt with and described in a elaborative way. The author provides various examples where people lose state of mind under over influence of emotions. She traces how over can be contempt and easily balance these emotions.

The author pens down every sect of emotion in a beautiful simple way. The author has deeply observed every emotion and thus pictures and Advises what to do when a person is struck by a flood of emotion whether it’s happiness or sadness or any other emotion , we need to balance all. To love oneself and being a coach of oneself requires strong balance. This simple message is conveyed in this book for other in a simple yet strong way. The correct elaboration of emotions makes this book odd of all.

In some chapter author deals with the situation that everyone might have face at least once in their lives. There comes a state where a person would get flooded into pool of emotions, this is where the author says that emotions require balancing and one has to be the coach of of himself or herself in order to continuously improve. The elaboration and the way in which one can overcome and balance these are awesome. The author uses the points to keep her words and thoughts which is a strong way to represent one’s thought impact fully. I personally liked her way of writing her choice of words, point wise presentation of thoughts, clear depiction of her messages and the way she conveys the whole matter.

I was amazed how author beautifully describes such a neglected piece of life called ‘emotion’. Her observation and research these are the two special points which makes this book stand out of all odds. The way she describes each phase of different emotion along with situation to balance it is just pretty. The author understanding this situation and penning it down to this amazing book is so apt. The choice and use of appropriate words for appropriate situation make it a perfect one. Her prioritization and imagination of emotions through examples is quite different and that is what makes this book a quite different one.

Final Verdict

To conclude I would say this book is a must read for all the age groups, especially youngsters who would find a way to deal with emotions. This would allow them to balance and coach themselves from not getting flooded to the pool of emotion. Kudos to the author!!

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