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Book Review: Ek Aur Taj

Book Name: Ek Aur Taj
Author: Hemant Rana
Genre: Fiction (Hindi)
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Redgrab Books, 2018

My Review

Love stories are something which most of us enjoy reading especially the present youth; they can’t have enough of it. I myself always look for love stories to review and I recently came across “Ek Aur Taj” a Hindi fiction novel by Hemant Rana, which has been performing well among the readers.

The major protagonists in the book are Hitesh and Ragini. Although every story has somewhat similar plot in terms of storytelling, this one is no different but this book had something unique which had kept me reading it until the very last page. What’s unique about this book is the emotion of the author indulges in the flux of the narration.

The love story is uncertain and full of suspense, the two college students Hitesh and Ragini’s love story initially begun as flirting. Hitesh as well as Ragini both never thought of a long term relationship but by the time they realized that they actually love each other it was too late.

There is a huge twist in the story, as the time passes their friendship got stronger they started falling for each other. Oh my I just love the story telling of Hemant, the book keeps you interested and you want to read it more and more. The twist is when Ragini confesses her love to Hitesh at the very last day of college but he didn’t respond because inter-caste marriage is not supported in his family.

I know I am rushing, it’s just the effect of great narrative by Hemant Rana, coming back to the story somewhere deep in his heart he loved Ragini too and soon after that they went their separate ways having a long distance relationship and boom we are 17 years ahead. So much happened in those 17 years I am not going to spoil your reading.

Readers, this is a great story! You will like it, writing has been excellent by Hemant, if you are a fiction lover that too who always look for love stories this book is perfect for you, it has all friendship, love and separation. I am impressed by his writing skills surely readers will have a fun time reading it.


I will keep my rating to 4/5 as his debut book; he has done more than enough satisfying for the readers on the context of plot and narration. Ek Aur Taj is available in both paperback as well as e-Book format. GARB your copies and fun reading it.

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