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Book Review: Hide and Seek

Author: Suman Sharma
Genre: Poetry
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, 2019

My Review

This book contains one hundred and six poems, each and every poem is very heart touching. Poet S K Sharma has done a very good job by writing this poetry collection. He has used beautiful words to express different human emotions like love, pain, anxiety, friendship, loss and many more. The words flow freely without any rhyming scheme. This is for those who love to read poems. The language is very simple and easy to understand. You can easily relate with the lines. The title and the cover design of the book “Hide & Seek” work by Publisher is eye-catching. The cover design is soothing but you can’t make out what it conveys about till you indulge in reading.

It begins with most basic concepts which we are familiar with and then goes on to build stronger and deeper concepts. The author shows a deep analysis and understanding of our day to day life and its poetic connection. The title is appropriate as it truly deals with the journey within oneself.

The good thing about this book is the author thoughts oriented. The book focuses on more universal truth, good deeds and thereafter, and how it will be the same for everyone. A fair warning as this is not an easy read. It is a book which will demand your attention and can best be understood and enjoy when to read in leisure and with an open mind.

The writing was elaborate and vocabulary rich. The images provided by the author present a thoughtful insight for reader. Overall it was an enlightening poetry book, however, I feel it some people might connect to the book as it requires an open mind and willingness to understand it.

Great book if you want to learn life lessons and life experience in just a few line and few pages then go for this book. S K Sharma’s experience and skills of weaving few words into the small poetic essay are simply flawless and I loved reading this against and again. Few lines in this book can give you a good life-changing lesson.

“It does not matter if you have a habit of reading or not. It does not matter if your English is good or not. Just pick this book up and give it a go. Get hold of a dictionary and give it a go. Your perception about life and for life will change forever.”

This poetic beauty will take you to another world, I have never read such beautiful lines in my life, the way the writer has expressed every topic is like someone has put all his experiences and emotions in form of poetries under headings like love, marriage, children, giving, eating and drinking, work, friendship, time, good and evil etc., they are so deep that you will have to read them twice to understand their meaning.

Each poetry has something to teach, something which will make you think about that topic, again and again, and something which is so real and pure. And also it has some beautiful illustration by the author, those pictures are beyond our imagination, trust me. Highly recommended guys!


I will keep my rating 4/5 for this English poetry by S K Sharma. If you are a true poetry lover, this is surely going to be the best you have ever had. So what you are waiting for? Just click below link given in the description and order the poetry collection “Hide & Seek” by S K Sharma. You will not be disappointed.

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