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Book Review: Journey to Atlantis

Author: Aakansha Borthakur
Genre: Fiction
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Educreation publishing, 2018

My Review

Journey to Atlantis, written by Aakansha Borthakur, is a fiction adventure tale. Journey to Atlantis is her 2nd book, published by Educreation publishing and it’s available worldwide in both paperback as well as eBook format.

Let’s talk about the physical aspects – the cover, quality of the pages, quality of the bind, typeset, paper colour, font style are just perfect, font size should have been adjusted; little bigger would have been better.

The book is all of 90 pages, reading the book will be a cakewalk, in terms of the language and the length of the story you can read it in one sitting.

Journey to Atlantis is an adventure tale about a group of high school kids – Andrew, Alex, Julius, Peter, Stephen, Alice, Rebrcca, Susan, Becky, Olivia and Dorothea called the Perfect Bondage go for an excursion to Alaska Woods with other class members. Their adventure begins when they lose path and end up in an island called Lucaris, where they come across a new friend, Gretl Nova, the story picks up the pace when they found an inscription written in ancient Greek. So what will they find about the inscription? As they move further, the journey becomes all the more strange and adventurous. The twist in the story comes when they got attacked by giant bees and Becky got injured while running, this situation forces Dorothea to go in search of herbs. Dorothea didn’t return which concerned the group; they went to find her leaving Becky with Antonio. Soon they end up in lost city of Atlantis? How? To know this and much more about their adventure, read the book today!

It follows a simple plot line, the book has all the ingredients which keeps you interested. As the blurb describes, it’s a book that complies adventure, romance, comedy, friendship and a lot of facts about the hypothetical and mysterious city of Atlantis. All these are more than sufficient to excite and hook the reader till the end of the book. It is a story, where danger lurks at every corner and our heroes encounter them with their wits and courage.

Overall, Author has plotted the story very well, scenes are written perfectly, and the little dose of romance sprinkled tactfully in between was also an added bonus. There are hardly any grammatical mistakes. Author’s language is truly a gift to the world of literature, Aakansha is a new author and some good encouragement from the Indian readers along with constructive criticism will do wonders to her writing.


Journey to Atlantis is a decent read and is a perfect book for children between ages 10 to 15 years. I will hence recommend the book, Journey to Atlantis to all kids in given age bracket. I will give 4 out of 5 stars and sincerely hope that I come across more such works in the future.

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