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Book Review: Karma

Author: Mehul Kaku
Genre: Fiction/ Novel
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications, 2018

My Review

I have already read many books this month, most of them were self-help/ motivational. This one came as a surprise from Cannonbeam Journals and I reluctantly agreed. I was happy to know that its my fevorite genere “Novel”. And I must say, I am very satisfied with the amazing work done by author in it. The cover, the blurb, author info and the overall impression of the book promised a simple and pleasant read – usual one and I thought likewise.

So here I start with blurb

How long would you hold on to a Dream? What if destiny paves its own way, away from it? In such dark days, would you part or stand apart? Gaming fanatic Monty and his friend, Parth, also an artist at heart, work with an Indian corporate giant. Both slum dwellers juggle between accomplishing their dreams, being in love and the gloomy corporate culture. Not able to take it anymore, the duo team up to realise Monty’s dream. While chasing their passion, reality humbles them in a way they have never been before. A somber Monty’s depression gets the better of him and drives him to take a decision which he otherwise wouldn’t have. Will that decision prove to be the right one? Will their quest to turn their passion into a profession be realised?

The blurb is catchy and for sure, if you will go through it, then you would like to read the complete novel. Trust me, there are lot more things and topics to be discovered inside the pages. You can enjoy it in just 2-3 sittings. Yes, it deals with a love story like many other novel deal these days. However, let me clear one thing – #Karma provides us more than just romance. It’s about love among the persons who are growing together, it’s about friendship, understanding each other, understanding each other’s needs and also supporting each-other dreams.

Author’s writing style is simple yet attractive. He will keep you connected with the story till the end. Language used can be easily understood by not very regular readers also. That’s the reason why the book is doing very well as I took feedback from some readers before picking up this on from my bookself. I would like to tell more about the author. So here we go,

Based out of Mumbai, Mehul Kaku is a voracious reader and author of the book, Strings of Friendship. He also runs a Book Swap Library, which has been asscociated with Notable events and Literary Festivals across the country.

Above mentioned comments about the work of author can impress any reader like me. We should really appreciate his work and dedication towards literature.

So to conclude, I must say, there is love, friendship, dreams, chase, sacrifice and all those elements which an interesting novel could have. The novel has a smooth narrative – it flows like a person narrating a story sitting next to you. Even I felt so at times because so much conviction and so much individualistic narrative might lead anyone to believe that the author is telling some story which he has really seen in real life. And, if an author can do this for readers we can say it’s a true success for him.


Recommending every novel lovers, I am giving 4.5/5 stars for #Karma by author Mehul Kaku. You can surely go for it.

Learn more about author branding by clicking here.

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