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Book Review: Looking Through the Prism

Author: Sujata Chatterjee
Genre: Poetry
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, November 15, 2018

My Review

So finally I got the chance to review a poetry book, when it comes to poetries it’s my weakness I absolutely love reading it. Looking Through the Prism – Spectrum is a poetry book by Sujata Chatterjee. The first look of the book itself was attractive as well as the content which brilliantly weaves together an exquisite range of optimistic and inspiring poems.

“The paths that we crossed in our lifeline
Would lead us to our fate
Somewhere rocks and somewhere roses
Somewhere little hope may wait.”

I have always believed poets are magician, they write magic which soulfully touches us. Look the beauty in the line… yes, these words are magical to me, and the lines are surly striking. The poet Sujata has done a great job the poems in the book are worth reading the language flows in the poerty is smooth and it makes it even more readable and enjoyable.

“Winter snowy, cold and white
Clearest sky in the darkest night
A whisper clamouring on my lips
Off memories sailing in far off ships.”

Every poem in it touches you, her poetries will inspire and give you a positive attitude towards life, you will fell so connected to it. The visual landscape that the poetry presents to you makes your heart relax and equally enjoy the poetry even more. The poems, by Sujata are certainly on a different pedestal compared to those which we find daily on a casual day in the magazines or on the web. This collection certainly displayed some promise for poetry and poetic skills. The poems are worth read and worth praise.

To conclude, I will say she is talented and her first book which is a short story “Flight of Fantasy” is a success among readers. Sujata did a impressive job writing poetries, I have truly enjoyed reading her poems. You certainly will miss a lot if you don’t grab a copy now.


I will keep my rating to 4/5, I would recommend his book to anyone who loves reading poems. The book is available worldwide in both paperback as well as eBook format.

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