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Book Review: Making a Poem

Author: Vihang A Naik
Genre: Poetry
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Authorspress, 2018

My review

As we all know, Poet Vihang A Naik is one of the best poets we have in the industry. He is having that level of poetry writing capacity which can be enjoyed by anyone even if he/ she is not a regular poetry lover. His poem touches the hearts of other readers as well as the poets also. This is the best part of his writing that we found in each and every poem. He writes about poets, he talks about poems in his writing, he loves literature and poems and it reflects in his words. Vihang has beautifully described what poem actually is, in what circumstances it is written and how to make it best. The book has totally a different concept which you cannot find in any normal poetry books.

“Making A Poem” is a collection of poems written in a very proficient way. The quality and maturity of poet Vihang reflect in each and every poem he writes. Though it talks about poems it is not restricted to any one topic only. It has lots of things to tell you since “Making A Poem” is not an easy task. Vihang has shown various ways which are a part of making a poem. Some poems are short some poems covers a complete page. However, all have a deep meaning which can only be understood by a true poetry lover. Some words, some feelings, some thinking are not enough to make a poem. There are a lot more things are needed which the author has described in his poems.

The first impression is the best impression for any book that we pick up for reading. That is absolutely correct in the case of this book “Making A Poem”. The cover of the book catches the mind of the reader. The cover is beautifully designed, with a black and white photograph of the author with a thoughtful face. And the title also drew the attention of us instantly into the book.

“Making A Poem”. That’s what I found Vihang’s poems to be. They reek of life, of people, of reflection. Most of the poems are about how we can make new poems and how we can relate all word in sequence, one whom he dedicates the book to. He effortless verses and non-linear thinking sets the tone right for the reader.

If you are not into poetry, pick this up and try it and you’ll really like it. But if you love poetry well it’ll be an amazing one to be part of your collection! It’s very emotional, empowering of sorts and you can connect in a lot of ways.

I have heard so many people praising and talking about the marvelous writings of Vihang’s poetry collection. When I finally picked it up last weekend, I was in awe of his writing style, the language he used, his strength and his dedication to rise up against all the odds. When I started reading this book, I couldn’t stop in between. I finished it in about two hours and I was touched. I did go back to a few of his verses like ‘Are you looking for the poet?’, ‘A poet as a young man’, ‘Making a poem’, to think more deeply and yes, I did note some of them down to gain strength during difficult times in the future.


I am pleased to give complete five stars for this book. We really cannon find any negative points about Vihang’s writings. After reading this book I felt very good and I really realise how a poem is made and what’s the feeling & emotions of a poet behind the writing. You can sure go for it!

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