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Book Review: Mere Khayal

Author: Manisha Yadava
Genre: Poetry
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, 2018

My Review

A diverse range of poems and shayaris together form the book called Mere Khayal and it is rightfully titled because the poet Manisha Yadava tries to convey her thoughts, emotions, the personal struggles, and experiences that life presents in front of everyone.

Nowadays, I often find myself with English poetry; I almost lost connection with Hindi poetry. My feelings towards poetry have undergone a drastic change in the last couple of years and I am glad that I got the chance to read Mere Khayal by Manisha Yadava and share my review for the same.

“Waqt ki chilman hati to jana
Ki maa kaa wajood kya hota hain
Kyo uske kandhe pe bacha
Sar rakh kar sota hain
Har gum se lad jata hain bacha
Jab tak uski maa ka saya
Sar par hota hain
Isliye har ghar main maa ke roop main
Bhagwan ka wajood hota hain”

This is of the poem that reduced me to tears and managed to render me speechless, the above poetry beautifully describes mother; a mother is someone who is a great teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. Even though it is a rather short poem, it doesn’t matter how many words one writes as long as one is able to convey a message as significant as this one. There is meaning in every line, I love how intense and passionate the poet’s writing is, I found the poet’s portrayal of motherhood beautiful and with complete alignment with my own thoughts.

“Kuch to dum le aye zindagi
Karne ko Kai kaam baki hain
Meri mohhabat ki kai sham baki hain
Janaja uthne se pehle
Mehboob ki aankh nam dekhni hain
Usme apne liye nafrat Kam dekhni hain”

I love how Manisha makes use of a beautiful combination of Urdu and Hindi while penning down her thoughts. Her language is quite refined and her words eloquent. Both the poems managed to win my heart. Overall, this book turns out to be a great read for me. I really appreciate the passion and fervour that Manisha has shown in her book.

I would definitely recommend to any reader of this genre, more specifically to those beginning into the genre, who will be easily able to foray into the beautiful poetic world through this diverse, enchanting expression.


I will keep my rating to 4/5 what I believe this book is for all and is written in a way that the messages it carries will be understood by all. GARB your copies it’s available in both Paperback as well as E-book.

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