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Book Review: Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta

Author: Amish Tripathi
Language: English
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My Review

Raavan, the 3rd book of the ram Chandra series is one of the most anticipated and the most awaited book for over 2 years now! But Amish creates a comeback with a amazing piece of content like he always does! This time he uses this writing technique called hyperlink which is deciphered as a multi-linear mode of writing in which every character is bound together by a connection. Although the book, is delayed by 2 years Amish promises and presents us with his most valuable style of writing!

Raavan, the Lankan king who is looked upon to be a very fierce warrior is dumbstruck when he comes to witness a truth! A truth which he thought that would never have happened!

Raavan in a very young age addresses to his mother, Kaikesi that he would safeguard her and his brother, Kumbhakarnan at all times! Born a Naga and owning so much pain he still seems to hold the love and dignity he bares for his family! Although the piece of family is completely ignored for bearing two Nagas it is Raavan who comes forward to lead it! It’s fascinating how Raavan is given all the authority to take decisions still being too young! The story is weaved together in recent and modern phrases!

Although it is modern and cool, some phrases could have been altered to new ones!

The presence of flow charts makes it more easy for an reader to read the book as a stand alone book too!

If a reader looks at the book with a religious mind set then it is sure to upset her/him!

The story is brought about in simple language but yet it is a very satisfying read!

The descriptions of certain things like Raavan’s navel pain as a Naga and the Rudra Veena is very intricating and and fabulous!

Amish has kept the consistency in the book very linear and that make it a page turner!

I assure you that in certain phases of the book that you will suely feel like standing in the fields of the battle of mithila! Raavan’s character is very unusually said good hear! The appearance of certain characters like the Kanyakumari, Samichi and ram is told in a very intriguing manner! The story is NOT the actual mythologhy but it is the retelling of the same inclusive of Amish’s fantastic fictional mindset! The bond between Raavan and Kumbhaarnan, Sita and Ram, Kaikesi and Mareech, Vedavati and Prithvi is explained in simple but yet with beautiful descriptions! Even thought raavan gets defeated in the battle of mithila he is till brave and keeps up his determination to take that plunge and to keep up his dignity! Altogether Amish makes the reader fall in love with Raavan! But the ending is kept as fantastic as the beginning….. Amish truly slayed the beginning and the end!


I would rate it a 5 star out of 5!

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