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Book Review: Rhythm of Spiritual Beats

Author: Srinivasan P Nathan
Genre: Poetry
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Educreation Publishing, 2018

Words from Author

I am a Supply Chain Professional with a blend of writing poems since my childhood. My first Poem on my Grandpa was published in Indian Express in the year 1986, After that the writing never stopped. There was a deep desire in me to publish a book and now it has been transformed to reality.

My Review

I loved reading Rhythm of Spiritual Beats, I took my time enjoying each poem within the book. The book is published by Educreation publishing and it’s available worldwide in both paperback as well as eBook format.

Styling and Quality of the book

Right from the quality of the paper to the quality of the binding, typeset, paper colour, font style all are just perfect and the cover of the book perfectly describes the title of the book.

“Rhythm of Spiritual Beats” consists of 133 pages; it is full of beautiful illustrations which do a wonderful job of creating a strong impact when reading the poems. It is a collection of poems aimed at self-awareness and betterment. Topics range from challenges of life with vigour to seeking solace in God. Poems showing insight and intimacy and tackling the relevant personal issues – death, identity in an approachable manner.

Make a resolution today,
To love yourself more and more…
Slowly and surely your dreams,
Will come true, just like the free-flowing streams.
Light up the positivity and keep marching,
In you there are stars which are shining and sparkling.

Every poem in the book is relatable, it touches us. It has messages in it which will inspire and give you a positive attitude towards life; you will feel so connected to it. The poems are worth read and worth praise. Also poems are written in easy to understand language, perfect for the readers beginning into this genre or anyone who is interested in reading soulful poetries.

Trying to understand
The meaning of life
With each passing day
I am growing old and wise.
What does it take in me?
What is it that makes me happy or sad?
What does it take for me?
To see another day?
I ponder over and out.
It still remains parked
In the unanswered lot..

Rhythm of Spiritual Beats is a book which will surely leave a mark on you. It will inspire you, the poems are impactful. The beauty lies in its crisp sentences and lucid language. The beautiful illustrations are another thing which makes this a wonderful read. The book discusses various topics that ranges from death to identity crisis. I found it to be a brilliant collection. It will work with all set of readers pretty well. There is a rhythm to the words and they carry great deal of context as well. Pretty much relatable set of poems that will make you ponder about yourself as well as your life. A very good pick if you are into poetry and introspection. So I will keep my rating to four out of five.

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