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How to publish a book for free

How to publish a book for free – There are thousands of publications in India. Most offer self-publishing services which can be costly sometimes for a debut author. Many fear that they would not sell any copies without the help of a publisher and end up paying a lot of money to the publisher.

Once an author has invested large amount on publishing their book they hesitate for book marketing because of the cost burden.

We are moving to tell you about a platform which is 100% free, here you will be able to publish you book for free and will be able to sell across the globe.

The name of the platform is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

KDP is an amazon based company which lets you publish your book free of cost and it would take less than 5 mints to do.

KDP offers you a dashboard where you could publish you book and see all your sales, they also offer marking servies such as – free ebook promotion, kindle select promotion, amazon prime listing, amazon ads etc.

Here you will have full control of your book. All you need to do is prepare the book interior (inner pages) and cover. KDP provides tools and templates to do the same.

The best thing about KDP is your books will be available on all Amazon outlets across the globe.  KDP offers paperback, ebook and Hardbound distribution.

To get started visit KDP today…

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