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Author interview: Manisha Yadava

Book: Mere Khayal
Mere Khayal: Paperback Amazon
Publisher: Notion Press, 2018

An Interview With Manisha Yadava

Interviewer: Manisha, first of all, I would like to congratulate you for your Poetry Collection! All your efforts met in to create something called “Hindi Poetry”! How do you feel about it?
Manisha Yadava:
Thank you so much for your kind words. Itʼs really a great feeling when you think about your creation itʼs like you are holding your first baby.

Interviewer: I am an avid reader and donʼt let any chance go! However, reading your book seemed quite different an experience to me. Pardon me, but the literary sense and a deeper meaning are the things that I am looking at in your book. Can we call it a ‘modern diasporicʼ Poetry?
Manisha Yadava:
Yes you can call it “modern diasporic poetry” I have no problem in it because I think every reader have their own individual thinking and understanding and every readers view has value for me and it helps me to improve myself.

Interviewer: How did you get the idea of writing this book? I would like your personal remarks on that.
Manisha Yadava:
I donʼt know I started writing Or I can say I didnʼt choose writing rather writing has chosen me.

Interviewer: You fuse poetry and travel together. Ordinary places look elevated and gain important in your poetry. What makes you write poems about places?
Manisha Yadava:
Itʼs not about me taking an additional effort to write about places. I simply pen down whatever comes to my mind.

Interviewer: Which poet or poem is close to your heart?
Manisha Yadava:
I love reading late Sri Gopal das neeraj Sri atal bihari vajbai.There are three poems that are near to my heart.
1) pushp ki abhilasha
2) karvan guzar gaya
3) Geet naya gaoonga

Interviewer: How do you see the modern Hindi poetry? Do you think it has not reached many?
Manisha Yadava:
I think that modern hindi poetry are much easier to understand and readers feel more connected to it.

Interviewer: Was ‘Mere Khayalʼ the first choice for you or you have come across many titles as it happens with the writers at the time of deciding the title.
Manisha Yadava:
“Mere Khayal” is the first choice for me because befor this book I was runing the FB page in this name only.

Interviewer: Say something about English poetry. Do you also read English poetry, being a poet?
Manisha Yadava:
Yes I do read English poetries also it enhance my writing skill.

Interviewer: What made you choose poetry to express yourself?
Manisha Yadava:
When I was in school I use to read poetry a lot and that made me to express my feelings in a poetic language.

Interviewer: Tell something about your next endeavours…
Manisha Yadava:
While you are interviewing me my sacond got released itʼs only featured hindi poetry I named it “Dariya-E-Ehsaas”

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