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Author Interview: Pratibha Tiwari

Published Book: Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach
Genre: Personal Development & Self-Help
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, 2019

About the Author

Pratibha Tiwari is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Life and Success Coach, Hypnotherapist, Career Counsellor and Healer. She did her Masters in Computer Application followed by an M. Phil and has professional industrial and institutional experience. She is the mom of two teenage boys and settled in Abu Dhabi with her lovely family. A firm believer in honesty and high performance, Pratibha enjoys spreading positivity and happiness around. She believes effective coaching leads to a positive change, making one’s life more ‘successful and happy’.

Interviewer: My first question to you is about your selection of plot. How exactly you thought of writing this book “Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach”?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 Managing of Emotions is highly important for achieving happiness and success in life. Emotional well being is really needed in this modern world. Lot of well proven work has already been done and research is still going on for this subject. I like this subject hence I selected this plot and went ahead to write this book which took me around one year.

Interviewer: What inspired you to write the book, and how long did it take to write this book?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 When I learnt and applied techniques of NLP & Emotional Intelligence, I found theses techniques highly beneficial in improving individual’s life. After having understood this; I thought to make them available for others in an easy way and this prompted me to set on for writing this book.

Interviewer: I see you did a lot of research on emotions how a person reacts when in struck by any of the emotion. Can u tell me what all helped you in your research?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 My own life experiences and observations derived from my client’s case studies helped me in developing database which proved to be a base for such kind of research work.

Interviewer: Which of these chapters were the most difficult to write?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 While writing this book, I used to visualize and tried to experience every emotion. But I observed that ‘surprise’ emotion was most difficult for me to experience and write.

Interviewer: You have been a working professional. How did you manage your creative writing parallel to the responsibilities of the work?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 If you love something to do and have passion for it, definitely you will find time to manage for work of your interest since time management is in your hand.

Interviewer: How do you compare the writings in Hindi and writings in English? Which language you prefer and why?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 When it comes to poetries or other creative writings, I prefer to write in hindi which gives proper feeling to listeners/ readers. However for technical matters definitely English is choice. Being hindi belt person from childhood, my heart speaks in hindi but to communicate with other people of different zone including technical work, definitely English is choice.

Interviewer: Please let your fans know about your daily life. Apart from writing and reading, what are the things you love to do most?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 My daily life is very simple where my day starts with meditation followed by household work and then coaching. Apart from writing and reading, I like coaching people and exploring new things or places. I am also a music lover and like sufiyana music. Hanging around with my family and friends gives me fresh vibes.

Interviewer: The readers might be interested to know about your taste in literature. What kind of books do you like? Apart from motivational books, what do you also like to write fictions or other genres?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 Apart from technical books, I like poetry and reading story books. I write poetries and short stories too and may be in future, I would like to write and publish my poetry book.

Interviewer: What are your upcoming books, our reader would love to know. Can u please tell?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 My mom is keeping the collection of my poetries and very soon my poetry book may be completed. I am also writing the next version of my already published book “Be your Own Coach”.

Interviewer: Who is your favourite author? Or, please let our readers know who influenced you to write novels.
Pratibha Tiwari:
 Well, when it comes to subjective books, there are many. In poetry I am a fan of ‘Rumi’ . I haven’t written any novel till now.

Interviewer: Many authors will come across this interview, what is your message to the aspirant authors?
Pratibha Tiwari:
 I would like to suggest that whatever comes in your mind, feel it from your heart and write it. When writing is heart touching and intelligently penned down, it develops interest in readers. Continue writing practice along with observation, experience and expression.

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