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Book Review: Luck in a Locket

Book name: Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune
Author: Akshara Gupta
Genre: Fiction
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, November 15, 2018

My Review

I am extremely happy that I got the chance to read the book “Luck in Locket: Medievel Misfortune” by Akshara Gupta, who is by the way just 13 years old and wrote a masterpiece. It is very satisfying to see that a young author possess this short of imagination.

In recent times when I got to read books all I have found that the writers simply provide instant entertainment and nothing in the terms of something that remains as a strong outcome, even after reading the last page of the book, as soon as you close the book, every short-lived ideology weaved by the writer ends; the ephemeral thrill of girlfriends, boyfriends and extra marital affairs, all are extinct!

However, with Luck in a Locket, written by Akshara Gupta, this is not the case! She has created something that strongly follows you (by any means) throughout the book, as well as after you finishes the book.

Luck in Locket: Medievel Misfortune; an adventure tale revolves around two noble girls Alison and Juliana. The theme is based around these two girls and there adventure, how they found one book that leads to start of a breath taking journey. Therefore, it’s limited and it’s delicate; however, we have to applaud the way in which Akshara has handled it.

The novel has almost everything in it. There is a time comes when the girls got to meet a character “Stacey” she really freaked me out, gave me chills. The novel has its moments, once you get the book and read some chapters, you will be curious enough to finish the book in one single go because it captures your eyes and mind!

“luck as a whole has two forms. Good and bad luck. When luck is at its peak, it generates magic, but since luck has two forms, it also generates two forms of magic.”

Author Akshara has done a great job, a 13 year old’s imagination should be applauded, she is successful in maintaining the curiousness, the book is a pleasure and treasure as well. To mark the book as a whole, you will enjoy reading it and it’s as simple as that. Kudos to her for a successful implementation. I will suggest this book to all the readers. In the terms of plot and theme, it’s well constructed and very well conveyed. And the language, at last, will be a sheer delight for the fiction lovers! Go for it now! Once they read it, I am sure they will like it as I did!


Personally I will give 3.5/5, according to my reading experience will rate the book just below excellent. Many congratulations to author hope we will see more books from you and readers what are you waiting for go for it now.

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