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Manuscript Editing Services in India

In India, self publishing is growing in popularity and becoming more accessible. Poorly presented books are being released at an alarming rate. We can guarantee you that some of them show promise. But their audience didn’t exactly fall in love with the story or the writing style. They’re being careless! There may be more factors, but we will focus on one in particular. 

Yes! You heard it correctly, and it is not what we already did at home when reading and rereading our text and making a few cuts, chops, and adjustments here and there. It is a far more in-depth, critical, and expert approach to reading a document. I assure you that it cannot be accomplished at home or with a friend’s assistance. Regardless of how well you write, your book may still require one of the following types of expert assistance. 

In Basic copy editing & proofreading we go through the book manuscript thoroughly and fix grammar, spelling, punctuation and other issues in it. A copy of the author’s manuscript, often in a Word file, is what editors work on. They use the track changes feature and add notes to clarify any changes or recommend revisions. The author may then go over each update and decide whether to accept or reject it individually before making any required edits. 

Charges start with Rs.0.30 per word.

Developmental/ Comprehensive Editing

Developmental editing is a more thorough structural edit that concentrates on language’s finer points, including idea flow, transitional words and phrases, tone, and style. Substantive or structural editing are other names for developmental editing. Although it might be a challenging process, developmental editing is necessary to produce your best work. Your manuscript has to be heated up in order to become something beautiful, much like metalwork. Depending on the type of book you’re writing, it can entail eliminating superfluous characters, introducing fresh subplots, or rearranging the chapter order to improve the flow of your argument.

Charges start with Rs.0.60 per word.

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