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Planning for Book Promotion and Author Branding?

Why Book Promotion and Author Branding is Important?

Self-publishing writers frequently forget Book Promotion and Author Branding, especially if they’re pressed for time. The end objective for the majority of authors who publish their book is to sell books, therefore these are two crucial steps in that direction. You may broaden your circle of influence by marketing or promoting your book. As a result, there is a good probability that you will become well-known on a global basis.

Organising for Book Promotion and Author Branding

This is an age-old issue that writers continue to ask everytime their books are going to be released: how to spend your book marketing budget more effectively. Even if you are a seasoned author, you may not know how to spend your money wisely after your book is out since time and circumstances change. Since the current situation is entirely dependent on a variety of external variables, such as social media promotions, influencer-driven promotions, magazine and billboard-based advertisements, and others. The author may not always maintain track of the elements that provide the maximum investment returns at a given point in time since these factors change from time to time. As a result, it has never been more important for writers to use their book marketing budgets carefully and effectively!

Why to Plan a Budget for Book Marketing?

Even a brilliant book might suffer from a poor book marketing investment selection. Even books with tremendous potential can fail if money is spent in the wrong places, thus it is crucial for writers to exercise extreme caution when deciding how to spend money when their books are being released. Well, up to this point, you might have guessed that there is no set formula for how to spend your book marketing budget because it fluctuates based on the situation at hand. What must an author do as a result? Simply maintain a “Contingency Approach” and respond to the circumstances as they arise.

Yes, you have to consider yourself a brand as an author. Good media will not only help you engage influencers and develop relationships with your readers, but it will also boost the general public’s impression of you. Positive reviews from unbiased sources have considerably more of an impact than the notoriety that comes with sponsored placements, such display advertising.

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Working Book Marketing Methods

However, this article will cover how writers may use their book marketing budgets more effectively and sensibly, so there is no need for concern. Authors are entrepreneurs just like everyone else, and they use the same strategy of investing in sources to increase their returns on investment. Therefore, the majority of writers do prepare their book marketing budgets. One fundamental principle that authors must always remember is that they should never be reluctant to invest money in their book promotion. Since investing in “Book Marketing Methods” would lead in far greater financial rewards than using an organic method.

1. Make 100% Use of Social Media

  1. Have a great social media presence
  2. Be active on social media and do regular posts
  3. Follow a pre decided post and social media usage time
  4. Use free tools like ‘Canva’ to create marketing stuffs
  5. Make sure your posts are well edited and error free
  6. Make sure you engage with other posts and authors too
  7. Try to make your circle wider daily

2. Have an Excellent Author Website

1. Keep it simple, attractive and friendly

2. Do regular blogging on the topics which relates with your book

3. Collect newsletter signups and follow basic email marketing techniques

4. Work on SEO and make sure it gets on Google’s first page

5. Collect orders for ‘Author Signed Copy’

3. Your Amazon Author Central Page

  1. Make sure you own an Amazon Author Central Account
  2. Upload as much content as you can (Posters, reviews and newspaper cuts)
  3. Try to get followers
  4. Make sure to link it with your Amazon Book Page

4.  Amazon Product (Book) Page

  1. Make sure both front and back page are uploaded. If possible, add some more images
  2. Set categories which are related to your book and has less competition, it helps to get better ranking
  3. Try to get as much reviews as you can
  4. Use your friends and family circle to get reviews
  5. Do free Giveaways in return of reviews

Once you’ve set up all of them in some manner, you may go on to Amazon Sponsored Ads and PAID (SPONSORED) Ads on social media. Such sponsored Ads won’t improve conversions until you build up your social media following and book’s Amazon page with good number of reviews. We really hope that this post may be helpful to you in some manner.

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