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Book Review: Watson and Alice

Author: Aakansha Borthakur
Genre: Fiction (Child Adventure)
Order Here: Amazon Paperback
Publisher: Notion Press, 2018

My Review

I think of myself as a versatile reader because I usually read almost every genre. The book has been released worldwide and it is available in both Paperback as well as E-book format.

Styling and Quality of the book

Right from the quality of the paper to the quality of the binding, font size and font style to all other aesthetics, the book scores really well. It has a good cover that also adds to its physical charms. The book size is 6×9 which makes it a comfortable read for the children.

Watson and Alice is a book meant for children. It is a fantasy adventure meant just for children. This is mainly because it is written in such a way that will only appeal to children.

The book has adventure stories of Watson and Alice; protagonists of the story, along with their new friends. In the first adventure they visit an island to solve the mystery of a corpse, the story is filled with action, friendship and comedy in between. Her love for “Anime” can be seen in her writing, in the next adventure; the next episode she describes it.

The episode is titled as “Attack of Aliens”. Watson and Alice discover a secret base city of aliens, who are planning to attack earth. Do they succeed? How are they going to stop them? I am not going to spoil the story. The characters are interesting, every character had their moment. It’s written in a simple language and the book can be easily read in a single sitting.

Aakansha has done an excellent job in plotting the stories, her work should be applauded. She is 14 and already good at writing than most of us. She is young and slowly she would become more mature in terms of writing which will gather the attention of adults as well. I would like to see her do more than 100 pages with one story, adding more illustrations will add more fun in reading. She is an intelligent writer and I can see thousands of stories ready to come out of her mind.


I enjoyed “Watson and Alice” a lot and hence will definitely recommend it to all my readers who have children in the age group of 9 to 15 years. I end this review by rating the book 4 out of 5 stars.

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